Mechanic of precision

Mechanical processing, welding and assembly
  • Due to the continuous implementation of efficient manufacturing and control methods and systems and the development of mutually advantageous partnerships with tradition suppliers, we produce quality parts and components through precision mechanical machining, welding and assembly. We have already had the experience of a qualified staff, which has continuously improved its level of training, contributing significantly to the company's objectives.
  • Our offer includes:
Precision mechanical processing
Mechanical cutting
Milling on vertical and horizontal numerical control machining centers
Slimming, universal/flat grinding
  Welded and machined structures
Assembly of mechanical assemblies
Processed materials:
  Steels and alloy steels
  Stainless steel
  Aluminum alloys
  Other non-ferrous metals
  Plastic materials
Thermal and surface treatments
  Anodic oxidation
Electrolytic or mechanical polishing, satin
In all the company's activities, the quality and the continuous improvement of the performance are essential for the implementation of the quality system ISO 9001 (TUV certified), in order to respond as well as possible to the needs of our clients and partners.
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