About Us

Our philosophy
Enova Group’s identity has evolved over time to better meet the needs of those who chose us. We specialised in every service we offer and created an integrated and comprehensive system.
Our customers can choose the best solution among the ones we offer.
We work in-house, with highly trained local staff. We strongly believe in our people, and this makes it possible to control production costs and provide high quality.

Quality improvement

Every professional performance can be improved, even the ones that look perfect. Continuous quality improvement and performance optimization are of the highest priority, as confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate.
We work in the following industries
  • Bottling
  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Woodworking industry
  • Building automation
Our history
Everything started in Bologna, in the Italian Packaging Valley, where we manufactured electrical panels for industrial automation.
From a family-run company we became a company working in all branches of the industry, from wiring to the design of wiring diagrams, and industrial computer programming. We wanted to explore new horizons and after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Enova developed new relationships with Eastern European countries.
We started to manufacture electrical panels in Romania. With dedication and resilience, the plant became our twin company which was already up and running in a couple of years. New opportunities came from our first success.
Thanks to our solid roots, we sent our travelling field service technicians for our first interventions and started to manufacture tailor-made mechanical parts, while strengthening our traditional activities. We were able to attract the interest of a wider market.
We further extended our outreach and set up a plant in Moldova dedicated to the activity of travelling field service technicians and mechanical machining.
To meet the needs of our customers, we designed and manufactured not only mechanical parts, but also pre-assembled units and later on whole machines.
We landed in Ukraine to open a branch specialised in interventions by travelling service field technicians.
Our history made us set up the companies that today belong to the Enova Group, and specialise each of them. Based on shared experience, every specialist service is actually a much more efficient activity. Our seats are small planets of services and, all together, they create a universe of solutions.
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